Machining Services FAQ

IML provides answers to the frequently asked questions about Machining Services. We serve clients in Canada and USA. If you have any other questions, please contact us at 905.847.1565 or visit our online form.

What industries do you serve?

We can serve virtually any industry. So long as the part fits in our machines we can make it. We have experience in the medical, aerospace, electronics, and photonics industries to name a few.

What materials are you capable of machining?

Again, virtually anything. We don’t shy away from nightmare materials like Invar, Kovar, or Inconels, and we have plenty of experience with the easier alloys, aluminums, brass, and stainless steels.

What tolerances are you capable of holding?

This is very dependent on the size of the part and which of our machines it will go on, but for all intents and purposes we can hold +/- 0.0002” on our lathes and mills, +/-0.002mm on our swiss type machines, +/-0.0004” on our conventional mills, and +/-0.00075mm on our ultra precision micro mill (work envelope of 100mm cubed for 5 axis parts).

What is your average lead-time?

Typically we’re in the 4-6 week range for delivery. We will certainly accommodate our customers as best we can if they need something sooner.

How much is my part going to cost?

This varies wildly from job to job. Quantity, material, tolerancing, complexity all come into play when we quote.

Is my part too big for your machines?

We can handle up to 6” diameter for turned parts, milled parts are typically in the 6” cubed range, swiss parts up to 25mm diameter and 220mm long, and ultra precision 5 axis parts in the 100mm cubed range.