How Expanded Beam Connectors Preserve Your Fiber Signal in Difficult Conditions

When sending fiber signals across long distances, maintaining signal quality without loss of information can be a challenge – particularly in difficult outdoor environments. Even minor disruption to a fiber cable can partially or entirely scramble the signal, and this is easy to accomplish if the cable is being buffeted by winds, dirt, debris, and other physical hazards.

Fortunately, there is a solution: expanded beam connectors. These highly specialized modules require incredible precision to create but allow for reliable cable runs in otherwise inhospitable environments. If you run fiber in similar conditions, it might be a good idea to partner with an expanded beam connector manufacturer!

How Expanded Beam Connectors Preserve Your Fiber Signal

Typical “butt joint” style connectors have one major flaw when it comes to deployment in harsh conditions: the fiber connectors must make physical contact, which means it’s far more likely that dirt or debris can make it inside the connector and disrupt the signal.
Expanded beam connectors avert this by avoiding that direct physical contact, instead utilizing a pair of lenses.

On the transmitting end, the fiber data is sent through a (relatively) large lens, which significantly increases the diameter of the beam – which is why these connectors are called “expanded.” On the other connector, the lens then takes that expanded beam and refocuses it to a smaller diameter before sending it through the fiber cable.

Without direct contact, the signal is difficult to disrupt via physical means. Also, this expansion of the beam’s diameter makes the transition less error-prone as well. Tight beams are easily interfered with, while larger beams have more error resistance.
Also, the connectors themselves are “hermaphroditic,” without requiring male/female pairing. This greatly simplifies deployments. Both single-mode and multi-mode connectors are available, to fit both transmission types.

So, expanded beam connectors can maintain error-free performance even across thousands of mating cycles – and without the need for consistent monitoring and cleaning. This doesn’t just improve the reliability of your fiber signals; it also significantly cuts down on overall maintenance costs!

Trust Integral Machining for Your High-Precision Manufacturing Needs

We specialize in the creation of highly precise mechanical and electronic items, and our equipment is capable of achieving tolerances of 0.0005mm (half a micron) or less! That makes us an excellent choice as an expanded beam connector manufacturer, along with our full portfolio of precision machining services.
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