A Step Ahead


Our CAD-CAM systems are compatible with most design formats including Solidworks, STEP, DWG, IGES, and DXF. With a highly trained staff and diverse manufacturing capability, IML can give customers the attention to detail needed when producing components. We can machine single parts or complete assemblies using electronic files or blueprints. Our CAD-CAM System and machines can quickly transform digital information into precision components. This translates into shorter lead times and cost savings to our customers. Some of the CAD/CAM packages that we currently use:


A short video of a Partmaker simulation of a Dental Implant.

Process Control

State of the art software is used to ensure that all steps of the manufacturing process are controlled and adhered to. From the time a request for quote is received from a potential customer right through to the customer satisfaction survey, the project is tracked and controlled. There are two software packages at the heart of this system working in tandem with one another: Jobboss, and Unipoint Quality Software. This powerful synergy enables IML to monitor, analyze and control ALL aspects of the manufacturing process.


CTMA: Canadian Tooling and Machining Association




AIAC: Aerospace Industries Association of Canada



CME: Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters



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SME: Society of Manufacturing Engineers