The Company. Our core Values. Our Beliefs.

A Century of Experience

We are a family run shop with a collective experience of over a century in the manufacturing industry.


We don’t have an automated phone system, when you call you’ll speak to a real person. We will listen to your questions, concerns, and comments and act on them in a timely fashion.

Certified Experience

We are a ISO 9001 Certified shop. We are also registered with the Canadian Controlled Goods Program.

Quantifiable Precision

We have a saying around our shop, “It’s one thing to be able to make a part, it’s another to check it.” We use state of the art metrology equipment in conjunction with our Quality Management System, Unipoint, to ensure that your part meets your specifications. Whether it be a 100mm feature or a micron tolerance, we can make it, check it, and record the results virtually forever.

We Have The Tools

Using the right tool for the job is an adage we’ve all heard. Here at IML we take that to heart. We use the latest and greatest in tool technology and pass the cost saving directly to our customers.

Commitment to our customers

In the end it’s all about making a component that meets your specifications, on time, at a reasonable cost. We offer optimization services, CAD modeling, drawing support, etc. to help keep your costs down. Our customers are not faceless corporations, they’re people. They purchase a service from us and we deliver, but that’s not where the relationship ends.

About Us

Integral Machining Ltd. (IML) began operations in 1989 and just celebrated 27 successful years in operation.

Over the past 27 years IML has provided machining and design services to many industries: Aerospace, medical (dental and orthopedic), alternative fuels, instrumentation and photonics to name a few.

Experience, state of the art equipment, systemic processes, a strong commitment to our Business Management System and Lean Manufacturing Principles are all part of the synergy to produce only the best manufactured components for Integral Machining Ltd.’s customers.

Mission Statement

Integral Machining Limited is committed to meeting and exceeding customers expectations. We meet this goal through a focused continual improvement program and Zero Defect strategies. Integral Machining establishes Quality Objectives and improvement initiatives to enhance customer satisfaction and increase operational efficiency through regular management reviews of the Quality Management System.

Message from the President

From the day of incorporation, our customers have been the most important aspect of our business. In meeting their challenges, we have continued to grow and evolve with them and we are proud to have played an integral role in their successes. We are committed to continually improving our capabilities and our processes in order to serve as a leader in the global market of today and of the future.

If you have any questions regarding our capabilities or wish to comment on our website, please feel free to contact me personally at 905-847-1565, or fill out the contact form.


Peter Reypa, President