Machining Solutions Company, Integral Machining Ltd., Values You!

There are a lot of machining solutions and tooling shops in the world. What makes Integral Machining Ltd. different?

Well, beyond our long history in the industry -beginning as a family shop over 27 years ago- or our best-on-the-continent micro-machining services, there’s still one thing above all else that we believe puts us ahead of the competition. Our commitment to customer service and customer satisfaction is truly absolute.

There are a lot of upstarts in the machining solutions industry these days, brand new companies jumping on what they see as a profitable bandwagon, and expecting their own piece of the pie. Over the decades, we’ve learned above all else that expecting profit is a sure path to failure. We would not be here today without creating satisfied customer after satisfied customer.

We would not exist without you.

Integral Machining Ltd. Truly Understands the Value of Customers

The following values are important to everyone who works at Integral Machining Ltd., whether they’re in a customer-facing position or not:

  • Customers are the most important people in our organization.
  • Customers are not dependent on us; we are dependent on them.
  • Customers can never interrupt our work, since they are the purpose of our work.
  • We are never doing customers a favor by working with them, they are doing us the favor by hiring us.
  • Customers are not outsiders; they are part of our business.
  • Customers bring us their dreams, and our job is to make them real.

We understand that every person who hires us isn’t just a statistic, or a contact folder, or a name at the top of a CAD file. Every customer has their own needs and desires, which we’re here to serve.

In fact, we don’t even have an automated phone system, because we feel that’s the first step in distancing ourselves from our customers. Every time you contact Integral Machining Ltd., you will be talking to a live person who’s there to listen to you, find out what you need, and do everything possible to make it happen.

To help keep your costs down, we also offer a full range of CAD modeling, drawing support, optimization, and similar services to ensure every design is as cost-effective as possible.

When you contact Integral Machining, your needs come first. Call us today for machining solutions and services!

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