Micro Machining

Integral Machining Ltd – IML’s latest addition is quickly becoming our flagship machine and is rapidly putting us at the forefront of production contract micro precision machining. We routinely hold tolerances of +/-0.001mm (1 micron) and positional tolerances of +/-0.0015mm on an expanded beam connector.

We are asked all the time, what does micro machining mean? The general consensus is that any feature under 2mm would be considered micro. We believe that this consensus doesn’t even come close to describing what micro really means.

To understand what we define as micro precision machining, you really need to understand what a micron actually is. The definition of a micron is one millionth of a meter. Ok, fine, but what does THAT mean? Look at a human hair. Pretty small right? That’s 100 microns. What about a White blood cell? 25 microns. A red blood cell is 10 microns. Smoke particulate is 3 microns. A single Ebola virus cell is 1 micron across.

Read the last sentence of the first paragraph again. That is what WE mean when we say micro machining.

Our Kern EVO is equipped with a full 5th axis dividing head allowing us to manufacture weird and wonderful parts that fit inside a 100mm cubed envelope. Contact us at 905.847.1565 or visit our online form if you have any questions in regard to our Micro Precision Machining Services  and parts we offer.