Reducing Overhead Costs to Price Components More Competitively with Micro Machining

One of the hardest parts of being a micro machining component manufacturer is finding ways to compete on price.  With hundreds of shops in Ontario alone, and untold thousands (millions?) around the world, there is certainly no lack of competition.  Being able to honestly say your components are among the best is nice to talk about, but if your prices aren’t as low as possible, it’s still going to be a hard sell. Read more

Conducting the Swiss Turning Orchestra

It’s little wonder that there are so few manufacturers in North America offering Swiss turning services. Doing Swiss-style machining right is both an art and a science. Like conducting an orchestra, there are many “moving parts” – both in the literal and figurative senses – that must all come together perfectly to create a well-crafted component. Read more

Process of Micro Machining Hard Materials

At Integral Machining Ltd., we love a good challenge… and few things are more challenging than working with tough, brittle, and just downright hard metals. It’s obvious why an engineer would want parts made from seriously hard materials like 4130 alloy steel or 17-4 stainless steel, but that still requires a process that can handle such substances. Read more

Swiss Machining Services for Long Parts

For over twenty years, we’ve built the reputation of Integral Machining on doing what other North American machining companies cannot. We were the first company on the continent to deploy Swiss machining services, and that put us far ahead of the curve in custom-machining extremely small diameter, long length parts. Read more

Get the Best in Micro Machining Quality Control

Smaller. Thinner. Lighter. This has been the mantra for both consumer and professional products since at least the 1980s, and it shows no signs of changing. Even highly complicated machinery and electronics today can be almost absurdly tiny, to the point it would have seemed like science fiction a few decades ago. Read more

Can you give us a challenge?


The Challenges in Bringing Top-Grade Swiss Turning Services in Canada

When we purchased our first Swiss-style Tsugami lathe in 1991, it was virtually impossible to find quality Swiss turning services in Canada. Even though at the time many industries were already looking towards miniaturization and micro pieces, solutions on the North American continent were effectively nonexistent. Vendors who needed high-precision, small-scale, complex components had to look overseas.
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Modern Machine Shop Cover Story, July 2016

Micro machining changes your perspective on all machining.

Micro machining changes your perspective.

Modern Machine Shop came to our facility in May to see what we’re up to. We are proud to share with you the cover story for the July, 2016 edition which focuses on our transition, challenges, and lessons learned while moving into the micro machining market.


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When You Need Micro Machining Services in North America, Integral Machining Ltd. Has You Covered

For a company that started as a family-owned tooling shop over 27 years ago, few things are more important than flexibility and the ability to stay on top of the market. After all, there are literally thousands of custom machining shops around the world. Integral Machining Ltd. wouldn’t be around today if we didn’t know how to keep adjusting our offerings to match the market’s needs.

Which is why we’ve become the premiere vendor in North America for micro machining services. In fact, we were the first jobbing shop in Canada to specialize in truly tiny custom parts. Read more

Machining Solutions Company, Integral Machining Ltd., Values You!

There are a lot of machining solutions and tooling shops in the world. What makes Integral Machining Ltd. different?

Well, beyond our long history in the industry -beginning as a family shop over 27 years ago- or our best-on-the-continent micro-machining services, there’s still one thing above all else that we believe puts us ahead of the competition. Our commitment to customer service and customer satisfaction is truly absolute. Read more