Reducing Overhead Costs to Price Components More Competitively with Micro Machining

One of the hardest parts of being a micro machining component manufacturer is finding ways to compete on price.  With hundreds of shops in Ontario alone, and untold thousands (millions?) around the world, there is certainly no lack of competition.  Being able to honestly say your components are among the best is nice to talk about, but if your prices aren’t as low as possible, it’s still going to be a hard sell.

Over the years, we’ve focused on finding ways to offer our micro precision machining services as cheaply as possible, but without skimping on quality.  It’s a difficult balance, to be sure, but we’ve discovered processes that allow us to produce micro-machined components with exceptional size tolerances without pricing ourselves out of the market.

How Integral Machining Keeps Our Costs – And Yours – Affordably Low

Our strategy boils down to two key aspects:  We have invested in computer-controlled machines which require exceptionally little human oversight in many situations, and we’ve implemented a “cell” based manufacturing process which allows a single operator to oversee several machines simultaneously.

During our Swiss turning processes, one operator can work two machines at once, allowing them to complete parts alone.  Since so much of the tooling work is standardized and pre-programmed, for the most part they’re just overseeing the process and occasionally intervening to clear up issues with the machines.

It’s the same with our milling machining center.  Once we have the CAD files, or similar plans, in place the computers running our machinery largely handle manufacturing themselves.  We’ve also streamlined the processes which require human intervention, such as using quick change pallets so we can run many parts at once.

In many cases, we can even perform true “lights out” machining on standard or easy jobs.  Jobs with long cycle times are often done overnight, trusting in our equipment to continue performing optimally even when people aren’t around.  This is aided by the System 3R automation software we utilize, which provides exceptional self-oversight and product measurement on our micro machining work.  

After all, we’re relying on the computer for micron-scale measurements either way.

Integral Machining – The Right Balance of Price and Quality

Don’t look overseas for micro precision machining services.  Integral Machining is one of the top providers in North America, with exceptional experience and quality – but without breaking budgets.

Contact us for a consultation on your next project!

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