Swiss Type Turning

The Swiss type turning department is the backbone of Integral Machining Ltd. We purchased our first Tsugami in 1991 specifically for swiss type precision machining. We’ve made a name for ourselves by producing highly complex parts with very tight tolerances. Long length to diameter ratio parts, dental implants, photonics components, aerospace parts and everything in between. Since 1993 difficult materials like Kovar, Invar, 17-4PH, 13-8MO, Titanium (pure and alloys), Vespel, and Peek have been a familiar sight in the swiss turning department.

With machines from Tornos and Tsugami we cover sizes from 0.032″ to 1″ diameter parts with varying degrees of complexity. For example, our Deco 13 has thirteen programmable axis with radial and axial live tooling in a mindboggling number of configurations allowing us to produce weird and wonderful shapes. Check out our swiss photo gallery for some examples and contact us at 905.847.1565 or visit our online form if you have any questions in regards to our Swiss Type Precision Machining and Swiss Turning Services we offer in Canada and USA.

Size Range: 0.032″ – 1″ diameter bar stock

Complexity: Simple 2 axis parts to complex multi axis components and everything in between

Material: Just about anything you can throw at us.