“QPC approached Integral Machining in early 2010 to produce an extremely precise expanded beam fiber optic insert. We had considered manufacturing the part in Europe, due to the tight tolerances, but we ultimately choose a North American supplier due to long lead times and potential communication delays overseas.

IML pursued the project enthusiastically, working thousands of man hours to perfect the manufacturing process and produce a successful, repeatable product. We were able to work very closely with IML to optimize the design to make it easier to machine and hold the necessary ± 0.001mm tolerances.

IML is now a key manufacturing partner for QPC. We work with them on a variety of complex components for our fiber optic connector product lines. IML is also able to produce high precision prototypes for development projects.

IML goes beyond just machining and shipping parts, they are able to work with their customers to improve the design and manufacturability to make the parts better. I recommend IML to companies looking for a reliable and high quality machine shop.”

Steve Wilkes
QPC Fiber Optic LLC.


“Like other companies Integral Machining is capable of providing competent machine shop services. What really sets them apart is their commitment to customer service. They have proven their ability to provide quick turnaround and meet demanding deadlines, while providing a quality product. We appreciate their ability to react to our ever changing needs and consider them to be an important business partner.

R. Riel
VP Operations
Technisonic Industries Ltd.


After twelve years of exceptional service, Integral Machining Ltd. is still our first choice in the field of precision machining. Their success comes from building long-standing relationships with their customers and they pride themselves with fulfilling the needs of those customers. Thank you for a job well done!

Dr. N. Kwan
B.I.T Inc.


Integral Machining has been machining microfluidic parts for Waters since 2010 using their Kern Evo micromachining center. Those parts were used in a research program within Waters for a next-generation high-performance liquid chromatogray (HPLC) instrument. I have been impressed by Integral Machining™s commitment to pushing the limits of metal machining into the world of micron accuracies and microinch surface finishes. While the first sets of parts reflected the learning curve that is unavoidable when making the transition to micromachining, Integral Machining has steadily improved the quality and productivity of their processes and is now one of the very few companies in North America qualified to provide services in this demanding area. I highly recommend them to analytical instrument and medical device manufacturers, and to other people who are looking for state-of-the-art micromachining capabilities.

Bernard Bunner PH.D. Waters Corp