The Most Important Factors When Choosing A Machining Solutions Partner

From helping create prototypes to assisting in production of custom parts for a full product run, anyone in the business of creating machinery needs a machining solutions partner to help create the components they need.

Of course, anyone with a lathe can call themselves a machining shop. You need a partner who can keep up with your needs, with the experience and technology needed to produce modern solutions – and fast. When choosing between potential machining partners, these are the traits to look for.

Five Critical Factors When Choosing Between Machining Solutions Companies

1. Levels of achievable precision

It’s fine if a shop has a basic lathe or 3D printer for quick-and-dirty prototyping – but when you need a work-ready part, what level of precision can they achieve? Facilities with a micro machining option, for example, can achieve tolerances of one micron – or even less!

True precision in a machining service is what often makes the difference between great parts and a service nightmare.

2. Versatility

When you’re looking for a general-purpose machining partner, you want one whose equipment can handle a wide range of product and part types. Usually, this calls for them to have several different machines for different tasks, or even the capability to utilize multiple machines for, particularly complicated jobs.

3. Solid software support

If you hand your machining shop a file created by your preferred CAD program, will they be able to accept it without problems? Beware shops which are locked into custom software or can only work with a few different file types. These can cause issues because it’s often not easy to transition between file types without introducing new flaws.

4. Speed

How quickly can your precision machining services produce a single prototype component? How quickly can they ramp-up to full-scale production, and at what rate? Your speed requirements will depend on numerous factors but be sure to inquire into their speed and capacity.

5. Experience

How long have they been in business, and what sort of past work have they done? A good precision machining service should have plenty of case studies and customer testimonials attesting to their expertise. If you find a shop with a long history and up-to-date equipment, you’ve almost certainly found a winner.

Integral Machining

Integral Machining offers Swiss turning machining solutions alongside highly precise micro machining as well! Contact us to consult on your next project.

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