When You Need Micro Machining Services in North America, Integral Machining Ltd. Has You Covered

For a company that started as a family-owned tooling shop over 27 years ago, few things are more important than flexibility and the ability to stay on top of the market. After all, there are literally thousands of custom machining shops around the world. Integral Machining Ltd. wouldn’t be around today if we didn’t know how to keep adjusting our offerings to match the market’s needs.

Which is why we’ve become the premiere vendor in North America for micro machining services. In fact, we were the first jobbing shop in Canada to specialize in truly tiny custom parts.

This allows us to provide a specialty service that’s already in high demand, and only growing higher, while giving our customers the absolute best in high-quality, high-performance custom parts – with incredibly tiny tolerances for failure.

The Micro Machining Services Revolution

Sure, there are other micro machining outfits in the world, but nearly all of them are in Europe and Asia. Asian manufacturing is still a mixed bag, and while Europe still provides highly reliable quality, that still means extremely long lead times with high expenses in shipping and consulting.

As we saw it, that meant we were perfectly positioned to give North American companies exactly what they needed.

We have a long history in the Swiss turning market, and understood the need for incredible precision in creating custom parts. We just took our company one step farther, when we purchased our five-axis Kern EVO. It’s capable of machining tolerances of one micron, or roughly the size of a single virus cell, or even smaller.

If your part fits inside a 100mm cubed envelope, we can machine a full continuous 5 axis part with micron tolerances.

Such precision opened up a whole new world for us in manufacturing, as well as for plenty of North American shops. As industry trends in virtually all areas are continually moving towards miniaturization, and packing more components into smaller spaces, engineers need every fraction of a millimeter they can get to ensure proper function.

That’s what Integral Machining Ltd. is here for.

If You Can Dream It, We Can Do It

Don’t let size hold your designs back. Integral Machining Ltd. micro machining services are exploring the true edge of the envelope in miniaturized parts production. Our state-of-the-art machines and century of manufacturing experience means you can get it done here in North America, for less.

Contact us today to learn more!

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